The Harrowing of Hell Concludes

Just a brief post, for those who know my current domestic situation , my home-life has been less than halcyon.  David and I moved to San Diego to  better tend to his mother. It  would be safe to say it has been less than rewarding. After mutual agreement amongst all parties we are moving along.

All I can say is Hallelujah!

Although we had made plans to move next June to Portland we are now heading back to Los Angeles, a move that makes me very happy. I’m excited to be back in a liberal , enthusiastic and forward looking environment with a vital arts culture. Plus David’s practice is in Beverly Hills and we will actually be able to have dinner with one another every evening-I’ve really missed that.

 Our new home is walking distance to LACMA-heaven after the cultural wasteland of East County San Diego. I’m saddened that our well laid plains to the Pacific Northwest have been stalled but perhaps the old gods are directing us to follow the light of LA.

In the throes of dissatisfaction with my personal situation I made this unkind doodle of the mother-in-law (with her evil cat MaryLou)-I know a puerile prank, but hard to resist.

IMG_4143Catnip from Hell

My petulance has subsided and my newest demoness is softer and gentler, she is  part of a study for a large complex painting I plan on starting  when I settle in.

IMG_4144study for upcoming epic

I’m up to my ears in packing supplies and puppies eager to play  with empty boxes. I am making grand progress, almost 80 boxes just for our books. The following image shows that even Our Lord and Savior is safely packed and ready for His new digs.


Christ in a Box

I most likely will not be posting until after the dust has settled in our new home. It all seems like such a fresh start,  just moments ago  I sold our second car as it is a difficult to park in our new neighborhood and the bus line stops almost at my front door. I have been giving lip service to a greener way of living, now I am giving it a shot.

Wish me luck!

Until next time, take care,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

16 thoughts on “The Harrowing of Hell Concludes”

  1. Good luck on your move. Leaving the Monster-in-Law, and her evil familiar Mary Lou, down south? Also, I’ve heard of Christ on a cracker, but never a Christ in the box. Sounds like a southern-fried fast food joint! (please God, don’t strike me down…I’m only joking!).

  2. Your safe, God likes a joke after all of the sanctimonious piety.
    Yeah, leaving her in SD ( she hates LA, too many Jews, gays, dark people blah blah blah). I am really disappointed about Portland but it just doesn’t seem meant to be right now. We are open so we will see where the light leads.

    1. I do hope Portland is still in the plans, at least in the not-too-distant future. And your MIL sounds positively horrible! It would be fun to see her caricature done in one of your jointed puppets. Think of the possibilities…..

      1. That is a grand idea, I did make one of her horrifying (paid) companion Molly-it was great fun to get my vitriol out with a little green hunch-backed skeleton demoness. So perhaps i will.
        As per Portland, I think we will, but I am beginning to see LA as a time to establish my art career first;David is already established, so for him to flourish further. But we are very open, and very in love with the region.
        We will meet! And if in LA….

  3. haha! your petulance is fantastic, even as a cat-lover, my day is made by that little drawing. i love it 😀
    i will help lift boxes in my mind, congratulations on your move, the location sounds perfect, actually. and dinners will be better than ever!

    1. It’s funny Zoe, I actually hesitated posting that for fear you would be hurt! I know you love cats, I have a very sweet 19 year old calico, Antigone who i am crazy about. But MaryLou? I’ll go with what my friend Carla said, she must be her familiar , cantankerous and eager to take a swipe out of you.
      But onward, Lg

      1. i love the idea that she’s her familiar! haha!
        or maybe she’s just furious that she’s had to live with that woman so long 😀 …cats can pull an excellent ‘demonic,’ and the expression in that drawing kills me, awesome 😀

      2. MaryLou is really a sensible cat, her mistress tries to engage her in play and the fierce kitty snubs her nose at her, swishes her tail and skeedaddles away.

    1. Thank you, very eager, a bit of organized chaos at the moment as we await the truck to place our life in. I miss painting at night but packing up and getting out has its rewards. I will be back soon, I unpack very quickly-I’m a gypsy so to speak, I have loads o’ practice.

  4. Wishing you both the best of luck in your move to your beloved LA! (Sorry about the change of plans re: Portland, but you’re getting out of El Cajon sooner, so that’s good). Glad you’re escaping from the clutches of the MiL–what a great depiction, btw. Skulls for breasts says a lot. Anyway, love & blessings to you both! Send us your new address when you can.

    1. Thank you my dear, yeah skull breasts seemed a natural fit, I had been exploring the theme of the Dead Mother at the time.
      NOW, time for Light.

  5. I don’t comment often but I do enjoy your blog very much. I look forward to all that your move inspires and hope the “dust” doesn’t take long to settle. Oh, and by the way I get a kick out of the skulls on your mother in law’s boobs, and is the cat toy you?

    1. I’m happy the skull boobs are a hit, to be honest I hadn’t noticed them, strange as that may seem.
      You are perceptive, the mouse very well may be me, but she is also a bit cruel, she relishes killing “vermin”, glue traps, spider traps , having the gardener chop to pieces a poor (non-venomous) snake, burying alive a bat. She is a horror to this vegan. My drawing isn’t that off-save for the horns-she hides them under her coiffure 🙂

  6. Argh, she did WHAT to the bat and the snake? How horrible, well she had that drawing coming then, death-breasts and all!
    All the very best with the move, hope it’s not too exhausting and that you get settled in and back to enjoying life very soon. Px

    1. It WAS a long time ago she did that,but my partner was traumatized by it. She still seems to take delight in squashing bugs, setting mouse traps, killing spiders. So very different from my crunchy soft hearted mother who taught us to capture and release gods’ creatures whenever possible.
      Anyhoo, enough griping, eager to back in the studio.
      I hope your father is recovering, I confess i have been out of the loop with my favorite sites. I hope your wonderful work brought him cheer you desired for him.
      Take care,

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