Graphite , Issue 11, Spring 2020


I’m delighted that my Goblin Market was selected for the spring issue of Graphite. A handsome art journal collaboration between UCLA art department and the Hammer Museum. Validating to have such respectable institutions give a thumbs up.

As I am old , I look forward to the hard copy. There was to be a launch party last week but of course … another doozy in Doozyville.

There is a quick preview from Instagram above.

I was taken with their call to art and felt compelled to submit straight away, feeling my work a good fit for their quirky yet quite mindful approach: 

Choosing such a vague, yet clearly loaded, theme such as fruit, really appealed to me.

Super pleased I submitted.

Now back to work.




NSFW or the easily offended.

Silly post, too much time on my hands apparently, trying to avoid weekend housekeeping…

But in seriousness trying to navigate in my work how much nudity, particularly male, I should depict. When is it gratuitous? When essential? When just free expression?  Still processing this question, but in the meantime, peen.

No intention to self censor, but I do want to be more mindful of my own intention. Recently , when we were still having dinner parties, a guest quipped that I painted “that pornographic art” ; in another situation I was referred to as a “penis painter”. Nothing particularly wrong with either but that hadn’t been my conscious intention. Nudity is an element to my work but I hadn’t thought it the main focus. Again, feeling more mindful of intention.

But enough naval gazing, I’ve scrubbing to attend to.