7 thoughts on “Portfolio”

  1. Hello Leonard,
    Greetings from Europe! Very interesting and fabulous work/blog. Discovered you while Googling Trenton, NJ/Slovak. Your photo of Saint Peter and Paul Church came up. Emailed you at your mac address but my mail bounced back undelivered. Can you please contact me at my email here via an alternate address perhaps (I’m not on Facebook or Twitter) when convenient? Thank you!

      1. Like you, I’m originally from Trenton, NJ and from a Italian/Slavic background. Grew up in Chambersburg and also right on the border which was Slavic/Hungarian in South Trenton. Raised a Catholic but not religious now, though do miss the beautiful old churches in the city and the chime of church bells. Not many Catholic churches where I live now, mostly C of E. Besides the Catholic churches, do you remember St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Church by Grace Dunn Middle School (formally Junior Four)?

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