Back to the Hermitage!

Just received word from the husband, we have officially closed on our little house on Mt.Washington, here in LosAngeles.



It is quite adorable, and if small houses are chic then this is as chic as it gets! We’ve named it the Little Hermitage II. For folks who have known me for many years, I had an 18th c. house, in another life that was known as the Little Hermitage, the tradition continues.



I have been mad with packing and my dogs are of no use whatsoever!



The chaos at times gets a bit daunting for someone so inclined towards tidiness; plus I haven’t painted in what seems like forever. But I will soon be in my dear Philadelphia painting for six weeks straight and the Beloved will be schlepping all that I have so carefully packed.

Seeing the smile on David’s face makes all of the work worth it…for the most part.


I’ve started a house journal, personal musings, probably dull as dishwater, but…

Until next time,

be well,