Inspiration from a Dream

The evening before last I had a dream in which a painting I had made features prominently . It was an image of an abstracted female nude with child, painted in gorgeous muddy mushroomy,mossy colors with hints of warm terra cotta and dull ochres. In the dream it was quite a hit. The next morning , with the memory fresh, I was determined to put it onto canvas . The following image is the result . I worked feverishly on it , utilizing unfamiliar acrylics. The muted pallete was lost in translation – I will try again in oil now that my fear of losing the image has passed.


 Dark Madonna
acrylic on canvas
16 by 20 inches

Until next time, take care,

Revisiting the Dead Mother

Awhile back I posted a quick sketch of the Dead Mother and discussion about the subject ,link to post ; the following is a continuation upon the theme.

I’ve just finished it, I believe it is as far as I can or want to take it…for now.


The Dead Mother

oil on canvas

20 by 30 inches

Symbolically it is a self portrait, the middle aged man finally realizing the breast is dry; analysis thanks to my psychologist. Or it is just a really creepy painting, best forgotten.

Until next time,

which I promise will have cheerier fare,

take care,


Spring Arising

In the spirit of Easter I cobbled together this relief print .



relief print, ink on paper

After my last post on Good Friday I went back to the studio with the specific desire to just paint. not to fuss, not to sketch, employing a limited palette, not to overthink; just play with paint and linseed oil.  I also only allowed a specific amount of time, the few hours before I needed to prepare dinner for David. The result is far from stellar, in fact I hesitate to post it at all, but in the spirit of honest exploration I will anyway.

Let’s just call it an experimental daub, awkward, tentative, but an effort to change- that is what spring signifies anyway.


 Good Friday Daub I

oil on board

Happy Easter,


Post Script: I noodled with this daub a bit more, resisted fussing but I felt it needed more definition. My intention was to accentuate the projectiles coming toward the Son of God.

I’m happier with the painting, I can now let it be. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement I have received concerning this experiment.