Amongst the Quick and the Dead

  Last evening we were at Hollywood Forever cemetery with two of our dearest friends ,Ken and Ed- if there was ever a reason to stay in LA , these fellows are it. Great fun and if LA is the Land of Misfit Toys, last evening they found their home . We four were woefully underdressed ; next year we must don gay apparel. The following are some happy memories:




  David and I were thrilled to run into friends. We have been Angelenos long enough to actually recognize friend in the vast crowds !
  Much gratitude .


Post Script: Richard, ” friend ” me on FB, under Leonard D.Greco Jr. 

A Proof for Jim

As I run  proofs of a new plate I have just finished cutting, I am reminded of the man who taught me all I know ( or remember) about printmaking, Jim Machacek, who recently retired from teaching printmaking at San Diego community colleges for thirty years. I find myself fastidiously looking for errant marks, unnecessary details and the quality of the inking. I can hear him griping out loud to the class “TOO much ink!”- too much ink makes a muddy print and was the bane of his teaching career apparently. But as I run my fifth proof, nearing the end of the editing (I think), I’m deeply grateful for the rigor Jim instilled in me.

This proof, for a new print The Proposition is for Jim’s approval.


 The Proposition


relief print on paper

10 by 14 inhes

This has been a tricky composition for me, layering the figures, adding shadows in two colors but I am going in the direction I had  hoped for. I initially thought of employing a separate plate for the shadows but after looking at German Expressionist prints I was inspired to more fully utilize the drama of black and white. I may still make separate color plates for contrast color but I’m pleased with this print. I’m glad I have Jim in the back of my mind guiding my cuts.

Thanks Jim.

IMG_7386My teacher and friend Jim Machacek taken at LACMA this week, in front of Noah Purifoy’s The Spaceman. I’m happy Jim drove up from San Diego, battling insufferable traffic, to visit me; I’m hoping to see him soon once again on his turf.

Back at the Press

  Since having my press dropped during my recent studio move I have psychologically avoided it and print making in general . Not too long ago John Greco from Josephine Press in Santa Monica ( John is not  a relation but a talented artist and excellent fellow) made a visit to my studio. After tinkering and calibrating he determined that aside from some superficial dings , she was ready for business .

 The following are the my first stabs at relief printing , it is amazing how rusty one feels in just the shortest amount of time . The two following prints are quick little cuts:


Relief print on paper

9 by 12 inches , series of four artist’s proofs


Relief print on paper

9 by 12 inches , series of six

The above print , “ID-iot”, was inspired as is so often the case by an absent minded doodle that happened to tickle me. I work fast to capture the  spontaneity of the  original .

   I was eager to fiddle about with lesser prints  because I am about to start a more complicated composition  and wanted to feel a little more confident before I put knife to Lino. It is going to be multiple plates, I’ll post when completed.

  Peaceful day at the studio, added sweetness as my Rose is my studio mate today. She had an appointment at the vet and tagged along afterwards . She loves the one on one attention and I love having her here.