Descent : fragment of a dream

I know it is boorish to go on about one’s dreamworld to anyone but your analyst, but sometimes a dream is so spectacular, it finds its way into my work. Such is the case with Descent.  In this recent dream I found myself descending from Heaven, and although I squirm with self consciousness in admitting this , I had seen God  (and Jesus) and love was the message from both.

So I am descending into the Night, not with regret in leaving Heaven, I’m too awestruck by the wonders below. I am with a silent companion who will remain with me until I land. Below, is a gorgeous city , clouded by fog , a rich ornate city chock-a-block with 18th and 19th century buildings.  

 I will not bore you with more details, I will leave them for my analyst ( my silent companion?).

But this is the painting.




watercolor, gouache and graphite on paper

12 by 23 inches

IMG_5724 detail

I haven’t  a great fascination in depicting architecture but I do have a great fascination in how architecture is depicted by the German Expressionist filmmakers , particularly F.W. Murnau. I had recently seen his Faust and David and I were both blown away by the opening scene.


With that in mind, I rendered my dream city. In the process paying homage to my friend and inspiration Clive Hicks-Jenkins , who shares my love of Murnau and has developed his own  wonderful technique in depicting architecture.


The dream was cinematic, long and exhausting, but inspirational.

Be well, Lg