A Day’s Work

Nicolas Poussin once said, when comparing himself  unfavorably to the hyper  manic Carravagio, that he felt his day had been productive if he painted one face. I often feel  that way as well. If today’s accomplishment is any indication, I emulate my beloved Poussin.

Below is a detail of an oil painting I am now working on. 


unfinished detail of a larger composition

As I paint, the pugs rest, Viola standing guard atop a UPS delivery. If being a painter is tough, being a painter’s dog is tougher.


Getting ready for date night with the spouse, Thai  for dinner then “Noah” which releases today.

Have a great weekend, be well,


Postscript: for my friend Richard, an update on “Noah”. Well worth seeing, big mythic spectacle. We saw it at the Sunset Blvd. Arclight where they often have actual costumes, sets, props etc. on display in the lobby. The following is the costume of Noah’s nemesis Tubal-Cain. Thought you mike like the jewelry designs. 

tubal cain

tubal -cain-detail

and Noah’s costume