A Valentine for David

I won’t see David until quite late, after St.Valentine’s Day, so I  thought I would post this online so he would  receive it on the train ride down from LA.

Happy Valentines Day bubala.IMG_3733

This drawing is part of my ongoing infatuation with Achilles and Patroclus, something I share with David.

My inspiration for this sketch is a wall fragment from Pompeii, that of Mars and Venus. As a young boy I felt it to be the sexiest image imaginable; now at midlife I have refashioned the image in a bit of homo-revisionism. I still find the hand gesture of Venus(Patroclus) to be deeply touching and tender.

ares:aphrodite:pompeii,napoli museo archeologico copy

Just one final image, a very contemporary Achilles and Patroclus, again very tender and sweet.


Wishing all, but most especially David, a very happy  St.Valentine’s Day.