Back to the Hermitage!

Just received word from the husband, we have officially closed on our little house on Mt.Washington, here in LosAngeles.



It is quite adorable, and if small houses are chic then this is as chic as it gets! We’ve named it the Little Hermitage II. For folks who have known me for many years, I had an 18th c. house, in another life that was known as the Little Hermitage, the tradition continues.



I have been mad with packing and my dogs are of no use whatsoever!



The chaos at times gets a bit daunting for someone so inclined towards tidiness; plus I haven’t painted in what seems like forever. But I will soon be in my dear Philadelphia painting for six weeks straight and the Beloved will be schlepping all that I have so carefully packed.

Seeing the smile on David’s face makes all of the work worth it…for the most part.


I’ve started a house journal, personal musings, probably dull as dishwater, but…

Until next time,

be well,




Packing the Divine

The pressure is mounting as we approach the closing for our new place; deep in the throes of packing my work, carefully wrapping each painting in glassine paper. Satisfying work , labeling , archiving; looking forward . As I pack up the last of the small works I realized I hadn’t posted this small study of the ridiculously handsome Al Parker I made several years ago. Parker was a porn star who embodied the “clone” look of my youth ( early 80’s). He was celestial …and of course died too young .

For now he will be safely enshrouded in glassine , to resurrect another day.


Dismantling, Departing, Reassembling


I am currently in the process of dismantling my studio altar (I cannot seem to work without some element of the sacred hanging about, getting in the way ).   I’m doing so because after much discussion, angst, some conflict and eventually, mutual agreement, David and I have decided to stay in Los Angeles, claiming it as our home…for now.

So much so, we are trying to close on a very sweet little house on Mt.Washington; if the gods (and the bankers) are willing we should close soon.

As I am departing for Philadelphia on Independence Day ( how perfect is that?) and will be away for six weeks I am in the throes of some serious packing-thus far seventy-two packing boxes containing my books alone. This move, if all goes well, has its advantages: the house is  far prettier, has a view and it will be OURS;  but also disadvantages, namely it is teeny. I will need to secure studio space outside of my home, something I have only done once.

So much seems up in the air, undecided and unclear: full time schooling at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts versus yearly pilgrimages to Philadelphia, taking continuing education classes for the summer. The classes are wonderful but it isn’t the same immersive experience I had hoped for ( and dreaded). Decisions must be made, I’m hoping my upcoming  summer critique program will give me some clarity.  My angst is, at least superficially, the two year separation from David and the beasties. Much to contemplate.

Just when I think I have a plan, all is radically altered. All I know at the present is that I must pack and hopefully squeeze in a little studio time…without the Holy Ones.

Until next time,

be well,


Lavinia Seeks Solace at the Court of Coatlicue

The following painting is an experiment on several levels.  I’m experimenting with a new paper from Arches called Huile oil paper which is designed specifically for oil painting. Anyone who paints in oil knows that working on paper is frowned upon as it is not archival. Secondly I am experimenting with the Surrealist technique of automatic drawing and painting. The following painting is the result.

IMG_6231 Lavinia Seeks Solace at the Court of Coatlique


oil on Arches Huile paper

15 by 22 inches

It is an absurd image composed of seemingly random characters, but there is a free- associative logic to it all…at least from my perspective. Lavinia (from Shakespeare’s  Titus Andronicus) in a dream state, wanders into the court of the Aztec goddess Coatlique, She of the Skirt of Serpents … and a pretty fantastic necklace composed of skulls, hearts and most importantly, hands! A bit of gallows humor perhaps, but I didn’t think it out too much. I allowed unconscious  instinct to direct the composition.  The following is Coatlique taken from our trip to Mexico City.


One of the things I really enjoy about taking classes outside of the discipline of art is the opportunity to free my mind and doodle with abandon. My judgmental brain is turned off and my hand flows across the page. They are not great drawings by any means, often ridiculous; but I find in them a nonsensical spontaneity that  I value and want to integrate into my work more often.

The following are samples taken from an English Composition C course that I recently finished.




This might be my last post for awhile until I leave for my Philadelphia critique course at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I have obligations I need to tend to before I leave on Independence Day. I’m nervous and excited, I’ve never been away from David (or my dear dogs)for such a long stretch; but to have time just for my work is an amazing opportunity.

Until next time, be well, LG