Presentation at the Temple

Moments ago I finished a painting I had hoped to have finished by  Feb. 2nd, the Feast Day of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. In my ongoing desire to be the pagan icon painter I present my own Presentation-a few weeks off.


Presentation at the Temple


oil on canvas

30 by 40 inches

My presentation includes the Meso-Aztec  Holy Trinity : Coatlicue-She of the Skirt of Serpents, her son, the war-sun god Huitzilopochtli and a mendicant rain god Tlolac ( pretentiously and ridiculously appointed by yours truly,Pope O’Nonesense, as Protector of LA).

Greco_Presentation detail

Tlaloc detail, Patron of Los Angeles-it is supposed to rain today, praise be to Tlaloc.

It is always delightful to finish a painting-I want a nap now but work awaits.

Until next time,

be well, Lg

No Nudity in the City of Encinitas

I had submitted my painting Gnosis…and the Old Gods Were Pleased to a juried show celebrating women.

Last evening I received the nicest rejection notice.

Although the jurors “loved the piece” it was to excluded because “after a review by the city, they felt the nudity in the piece would not be appropriate for the venue”.

The fellow assigned to this unpleasant task could not have been more diplomatic or supportive, but I am a bit stunned. Really?

Nudity isn’t “appropriate”?

In 2014?

In southern California? This isn’t Selma.

I’m incredulous. I offered to paste on fig leaves, only half joking.

Anyway, my solution is to draw more junk.


detail of the the painting which follows.


Gnosis …and the Old Gods Were Pleased

oil on canvas


Disappointing, but oh well, that is what yoga is for.

Namaste (bitches),


Tlaloc and the Magdalene

Happy to back at the printing press, albiet a much smaller , less substantial press. I feel I am ready to explore relief printing once again. I decided to play with the theme of the Magdalene, last week’s attempt was awful but I am more pleased with last evening’s results.

Greco-Magdalene:relief copy

 The Magdalene

relief print on paper

8 by 10 inches

I wanted to visually convey my understanding of the  gnostic conviction that Mary M. was in fact a truer apostle than the rest in that she had actually witnessed both His death and His resurrection . Not to mention the profound relationship , physical or not, that the two shared. Her asceticism is  in sharp contrast to the church of the  “anointed” apostles.

The following is last weeks attempt, I guess I was rustier than I had expected. She looks decidedly Paleo not ascetic.

Greco-Magdalene:reject rejected print

I also cleaned up another print from last printmaking class. I think opening him up a bit added clarity. It’s a silly prayer card for a rain deprived LA.

Greco_Tlaloc's Rain Dance:relief copy

Tlaloc’s Rain Dance

relief print on paper

8 by 10 inches

Have a great day,


The Old Gods

In between other paintings and relief prints (once again  I am trying my hand at that elusive medium), in between such endeavors, I’m working out a large painting.

I’ve posted on this painting before at this link, but I am now at the stage of fussing with details and working out negative shapes and placement. Funny how I rely upon the skills I honed as a decorative mural painting. What seemed so perfect on a scaled drawing is just a wee bit off when faced with the actual , rather large canvas-56 by 40 inches.

Briefly the painting deals with the old gods reclaiming their positions, toppling the false envious demiurge Yaldabaoth (Yahwah). I’ve been working out the details of each and it has been a great deal of fun.

As posted previously:


Preparatory  sketch of Tlaloc, She of the Serpent Skirt and  the Feathered Serpent

Placement is critical and I have been poring over Poussin’s excellent examples for inspiration but in the end heeding my own intuition.


further drawings follow:


The Maize God


The Hero Twins-one version



another version for another project-I really like these fellows


My sanctimonious Abrahamic god  the embodiment of the apostolic church, soon to be toppled ; do I have  just a wee bit of vitriol for the god of Leviticus or what?


for no apparent reason, a Meso-Herakles.


Placement so far, I have a few more figures to add so placement is a crucial, I feel a bit like Cecil B.DeMille.

But onward.

Until next time, be well,