Bringing Randy Blue Fauns to Class

I’m taking an introduction to digital photography class and frankly I hate it.

Although it is an intro class, a working knowledge of Photoshop is in order (something I was unaware of).  I might very well be the only person in class who has never worked with the program; my fellow students zip from one application to another.  I feel like a dinosaur.

Our first two assignments have thankfully been hands on, and I have done  relatively well. It is not without a bit of smugness that I  have observed my fellow students’ inability to render.

The following is a silly exercise in which three pared down elements must be synthesized into a narrative. In spite of hating the class, the assignment was fun; I might do another version.

This effort was inspired by Sartre’s No Exit. 


visual exercise II

The following is the assignment sheet:


My printmaking class is going very well, this is my third semester and although I have produced only a few prints I can claim  to like,  I am learning a lot. Thankfully my anxiety that my professor did not like me or my work has proven to be  due to ridiculous insecurity. He has proven to be very helpful and supportive of my work in spite of our aesthetic differences. I look forward to afternoons spent at the press in spite of the oppressive California heat- apparently printmaking studios do not warrant air conditioning.

The following image  is the final version of my first dry point exercise . Again, I see flaws but I now know how to better handle the technique , next I plan to combine drypoint with aquatint. 

IMG_4118Temptation of St Anthony

drypoint intaglio print

Well that is it for this evening , have a lovely weekend and to my fellow Landsmen, L’Shana Tovah!

Take care,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

6 thoughts on “Bringing Randy Blue Fauns to Class”

  1. Hahaha! Even horny little devils like to pop a brew, grab the remote and kick back in the old recliner on a Friday night. Wonder what he’s watching on the tube? Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. It’s a marvel to see what you’re able to do with the professor’s strictures, and I always enjoy how you gravitate toward the mythical/eschatological–even in your sense of humor! Love the suggestion of the hell mouth in the dry point of St. Anthony. Hope you’re well–love to all.

    1. Thank you Claire, I like working within guidelines, all of those years working for designers I suppose.
      And thank you for making me finally look up Eschatological, I’ve encountered the word before but lazily passed upon grasping its meaning. You are exactly correct, my work is often dealing with eschatological issues, I just hadn’t the word for it. Defining my work and interests can be a challenge in of itself.

  3. I must admit that photoshop has been my faithful companion for more years than I wish to remember. As long as you see it as a helpful tool in support of your work, but not one that should dominate it, you should be OK

    1. hi John,
      I don’t mean to be thoroughly negative on Photoshop. I can see what a great tool it is. David, my spouse-man is itching to master it. In general I resist tools, plain knives to Cuisine-art, screwdriver to drill . i don’t intend to be a Luddite I just prefer to have as little as possible between me, the creator, and the creation. I feel a bit like Morris might have, we live in an age where everything seems destined to be digital. I love graphite and oil and paper, the machine between my hand and the printer disturbs me in a very visceral way. I will try to tackle Ps in spite of my prejudice . i have no doubt you have used it to great effect, you are sensitive and intelligent, I just dislike feeling I have no other option but to jump on the digital bandwagon or risk being irrelevant.
      Plus I have no natural gifts concerning photography 🙂
      Take care my friend,

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