At Home in the House of Yes

IMG_4179We moved back to LA on the first of October, a little over a week ago. The last few remaining boxes haunt me but essentially the dust (if not the pug fur) has settled and we are now officially HOME. The past few years have made me very appreciative of this city which I have missed terribly. Although our plans went awry a bit I believe the move back to LA to be Fortuna’s doing .

So much of our new home is the antithesis of the doom and gloom we have endured in San Diego, most especially the sense of optimism. LA by nature is inherently optimistic and our new landlady is the very spirit of YES. I’m promising myself to no longer dwell upon my mother-in-law and her curmudgeonly temperament but suffice to say Marsha (the landlady) possesses a spirit  that is loving and encouraging , she couldn’t be further from what I have become accustomed to. Our home is sweet little 1920’s “Spanish” duplex, Marsha lives above and we rent the ground floor. It is a bright and happy place and by LA standards relatively large. 

IMG_4174Studio space, formerly the living room .We have converted the larger of the bedrooms into a sitting room.


Dining room /drafting room/ art library (part of it anyway)



As it is an “old” building, at least by Southern Californian standards, the ceilings are high and gracious , plus plenty of cross breezes from the many happy casement windows.

One of the great joys of living in our new neighborhood ( a surprisingly intact collection of  charming 1920’s fantasy architecture-mock spanish,mock-Norman,mock-Beverly hills, faux Tudor…) is the ease with which I can walk to LACMA. The other evening I went to a film festival devoted to the great Mexican film-maker Gabriel Figueroa. I confess I was unfamiliar with this great artist but I was blown away by the breadth of his work (the museum has an accompanying exhibition to the film festival) and I was particularly moved by the film presented, Marīa Candelaria. A film as baroque as my own taste, more and more I believe my soul is Mexican , I am so moved by the work south of me. This film was a fictional account of an artist, a thinly veiled depiction of Diego Rivera and his infatuation with an indigenous flower vending beauty. The consequence is tragic and gorgeous. 

In addition to the film, I renewed our membership and re-visited some old friends, in this case , Mixtec treasures. The great god Tlaloc was the first friendly face I encountered.

I was indeed home.


With only a few boxes left to unpack, the computer up and running  and the dogs settled in comfortably, we are at peace. The only thing now is to tackle the new monstrously large canvas looming in the studio. We leave for Mexico City and Teotihuacan at the end of the month, I anticipate further inspiration.

Until next time, be well,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

15 thoughts on “At Home in the House of Yes”

  1. Hooray! Welcome home! Back with both familiar and strange gods, instead of godlessness. The new place looks fantastic–and we’re wishing you well on your upcoming journey (I can’t wait to hear all about it). Love to you both, C

    1. Thank you my dear, thrilled to be back , eager to have y’all as guests, we will have a grand time.
      much love,
      Lg & Db

  2. Your new home is charming, and your paintings look lovely there. I love Mexico City. So much inspiration awaits you! Be sure to go to Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul to see the display of her clothing and personal items (a special exhibit that will be up until Jan. 2014).

    1. Thank you.
      I’m so looking forward to Mexico City and yes Casa Azul is on the list, although I was unaware of the special exhibition, will take photos if permitted.
      We are also going to Rivera’s very beautiful studio, plus as much as we can squeeze in.
      Will keep you posted.

      1. Thanks! I briefly entertained the idea of just hopping on a plane and going there solo. Wanted to be there over the Day of the Dead celebration…..but common sense prevailed. As to photos, I believe you can pay extra to do so, but so worth it (at least to me)!

  3. congratulations! it’s a lovely house, the high ceilings and air will be perfect. and the room in which tlaloc resides looks like an excellent place to spend lots of time in–i am fascinated by him, he seems to have a mustache of fingers!
    i am happy you are in a new and much ‘sunnier’ place 🙂

    1. Thanks Zoe, it is, we are very happy.
      The Tlaloc room is strange and beautiful , redesigned a few years ago, to some controversy, it is a wonderland of crazy greens and hot orange. I love it but some have found it too distracting. Visual overload has never been a problem for me ,obviously :), but there is wonderful work held in the galleries, It is a favorite haunt of mine.

  4. Oh, I love these views of your magical new home. Really, it’s so bright and contented seeming it could be from a storybook. It’s wonderful to see your paintings on the walls… perfect! And how good that you can walk to the museum and see all of these works that are so dear to you. I wish you both all the best in your new home and can’t wait to see how that canvas will turn out!

    1. Thank you, Storybook is what the original architects intended. I’ve been told the neighborhood was designed by designers from the film studios in the early 20’s. They are very charming if not a little impractical , but I am a sucker for the impractical.We are both thrilled, David’s office is in Beverly Hills and we are convenient to that, in LA not fighting traffic is huge.
      Starting work on drawing, a happy place to work, will keep you posted.

      1. Will you still go to your print class? (I have no understanding of the geography of where you are, sorry!). Glad you are back drawing and painting!!

      2. Dear Jodi, Thank you for asking.Unfortunately probably not, although technically still enrolled, San Diego is a good three hours south of Los Angeles-grueling traffic the norm in southern California. I will try to pop in from time to time but it will be limited. I am going to search for an independent printmaking studio that has a cooperative option so i can have access to a press and perhaps some guidance. Jim my instructor has taught me a lot and I feel comfortable sending him an SOS should something arise. But other than that unfortunate instance, the move back to LA has been wonderful.

    1. Absolutely, right down to the marijuana hydroponic garden in her apartment. . Old school Marxist lefty sweet as pie doting on her bromeliads and tenants . She is the antithesis of what we had become accustomed to.

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