Upcoming opening: XV Present Art

Two new relief prints were selected to be part of an upcoming group show, opening December 6th, 6-8 pm at the Couturier Gallery (link HERE) 166 N. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles.

Would love to see my friends there.

the show runs from December 6th 32104 through to January 3rd 2015. 


These two prints were selected:


Blue Krampus!

The Great War God, Huitzilopchtli
The Great War God, Huitzilopchtli

The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli

Thanking J at Couturier for thinking of me once again!


Krampus Fever

My friend Ken recently gave me a few 19th c. “scraps”,  once popular for Victorian keepsake albums. Usually they are gooey eyed children holding posies but Ken knows my taste and gave me Krampus ephemera. I was delighted and inspired. The following is a sampling of what I have been up to.


 Blue Krampus!


four plate relief plate on paper

total dimensions 9 by 12″


Blue Krampus II!

same as above.



artist’s proof

I’m enclosing the wonderful little scraps Ken gave to me, my studio is awash with happy blue devils. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Ken!


Until next time, be well,


Death & the Maiden, in the beginning

I just pulled a proof of my newest print Death & the Maiden. I’m going to continue exploring with multiple plates, but for now, I’m pleased.


Artist’s proof

Death & the Maiden


 relief print;plate 8 by 10, print 9 by 12

The print is based upon an oil painting I did some time back.


Death & the Maiden


oil on canvas

I will get to work on adding other plates, but for now…

be well,


The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli

Strife, discord and anxiety never seem to take a holiday ; beheadings, fear of  yet another plague, discord afar and close at home.  Our patron saint seems to be Huitzilopochtli, perhaps that was my motivation in crafting these prints. 

The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli
The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli

The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli


9 by 12 inches

two plate relief print on mulberry paper


The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli


9 by 12 inches

Five plate relief paper on mulberry paper

This five plate print was my most ambitious so far. I’m happy I gave it a shot, but it needs tweaking. I think the two color plate is more effective.

My studio looked like a Chinese laundry during the curing times.


Of all my prints I think this is the one I have cut the best, I’m beginning to slowly feel more confident putting blade to plate.


 IMG_5675The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli

artist’s proof


9 by 12 inches

one plate relief print

I’m submitting a few of my prints in an upcoming holiday show, the War God will amongst the offerings, wish him well.

Take care, Lg

A Little Color for Those Damned Souls

I have set upon myself multiple projects, all in varying stages of progress; in so doing I have neglected completing the simplest of them all, namely my last print. As we head out to Portland Thursday morning I thought it best to finish at least one project.

I have and I must say I am pleased .

The print from my last post, Las Ánimas del Purgatorio,  just became a lot more colorful.


Las Ánimas del Purgatorio (The Souls in Purgatory)


three block relief print on paper

9 by 12 inches

A few other examples:



This one is the proof from my last post, I just printed the orange plate over the existing black. I like how the orange ink muted the black , leaving crisp black where the plate wasn’t inked.

I must pack tomorrow, ready the house for the dog’s nanny, rush our aged cat Antigone to the kitty resort, pack, and steel my agoraphobic nerves for a trip to Portland. I doubt I will have much studio time before heading to LAX.

Until next time, be well, Lg


Sept. 16th, an update. I felt compelled to note that the above print was submitted in a contest to design a t-shirt for the Day of the Dead ;  my submission was rejected as being inappropriate to the spirit of the holiday.  Nonsense.

In the words of the spokesperson :

“We appreciate your entry, however, we cannot accept it as is because it is not in the wholesome, celebratory, light-heartened nature in which we have hosted this promotion.”

 I think she meant “light hearted” ; I called her a nincompoop.

My rejection letters are  stacking  up but a few are such doozies that I take certain pride in them: the one from the city of Encinitas for nudity and this one for un-wholesomeness. I wear the unwholesome label proudly.

Labor’s Reward

I recently finished a decorative project for a certain blond mega pop star who everyone pretty much knows; as glamorous as all that may be, I really did not want the project. I do however hold her designer in high esteem and count him a a friend ; PLUS money is nice.  Money is really nice for buying oneself gifts. I have been itching for a press and I now have one.

Some fellows, when they have a mid life crisis buy a flashy car ; I buy a printing press, but is absolutely testosterone driven.


 Press source

The work station is pretty fantastic gift as well, a birthday gift from the spouse man, welded steel, capable of supporting 3000 lbs, overkill, as the press is under 200 pounds, but again, testosterone driven on very  impressive wheels.

Source Uline : source

This press actually intimidated me a bit, and my chum the talented artist Deborah Lambert graciously walked me through the process; incredibly simple and it works like a dream, the following is an afternoon’s leisurely output.


The relief print I worked on this afternoon was inspired by Flaubert’s The Temptation of St. Anthony, in one scene the poor beleaguered anchorite is tormented by Lust and Death,  representing the eternal circle of life.

I really love that idea, without Lust , Death cannot be fed, they need one another.

So hence , Lust und Tod.


 Lust und Tod


relief print on mulberry paper

9 by 12 inches

I have not been posting because I have been working on a large painting, once again dealing with life, death and salvation, apparently I never tire of the theme. As much as I love printmaking, painting gives me the greatest joy. I have existential angst at times as my prints are well received and my paintings, well, not so much. I may in fact not be terribly good, my landlady told me frankly I shouldn’t bother with paintings, focus on printmaking. I know she means well, though it did indeed sting; but the fact is I love painting. So good or bad, well received or not, I continue my practice. the following is a detail.


be well, Lg

In Solidarity

The world feels like it is burning up at the moment: planes being shot out of the air, broken bodies tumbling forth; beautiful children being denied safe passage by my own people; other beautiful children huddling in terror as bombs drop from the sky; friends who I love , on the other side, living with a sense of doom and dread and I imagine moral ambivalence.

  But what has particularly upset me of late is the terrible choice ancient Chaldean Christians have faced , convert or die by the sword. For all of my love of the blessed saints, I don’t want to see more made.  These ancient peoples forced from their ancestral homes, their sacred churches now  at the mercy of savage thugs (New York Times, source ) .

This print is for displaced ancestors of Christendom.


Agnus Dei II


relief print on paper

9 x 12 inches

This unfortunate state has become a bit of an obsession for me.  The heated rhetoric, is divisive and unhelpful , so much so my husband has asked me to stop speaking of the unpleasantness.  So I turn to other means of expression, one of the most accessible, relief print.  I am reworking my relief print Agnus Dei, this time with Gazan blood and Ukrainian fire. I need to rework a bit still ,a little too much  indiscriminate crimson  ;  but given the amount of spilt blood, tears and broken lives perhaps the excess drama is right on target.

 Pax vobiscum,


The Feast Day of John the Baptist

It is ironic that I am nursing an annoying head cold on the day one of my favorite saints lost his head; puts things in a bit of perspective.

I have loved John since boyhood, his severed head had been burnt into my consciousness at a very young age. My family had visited Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful Monticello and in one of the bedrooms was a painting of that awful moment when John’s head was being presented on a platter. The image burnt in deeply, I was so confused, had Jefferson executed John ?( I was quite young ), I knew he held slaves, a grave sin, in my wild imagination it could have been true. The head represented  tragedy,sacrifice, bondage , perhaps release. It terrified and beguiled all at once. I have never lost that fascination and I have returned to the subject over and over. One of my great pleasures in discovering the Popol vuh has been the intense similarities between the Maya narrative and that of the western Christian narrative. The Maize God loses his head in a similar act of sacrifice,  difficult to not see the similarities.

The following images are just some of my interpretations of the Maize God’s severed head.


detail from a larger composition


detail from a watercolor, “Primavera”.


watercolor, “Resurrection of the Father, II “.


its relief print companion, also called “Resurrection of the Father”.


another watercolor called “Resurrection of the Father , I”.


another relief print “Strange Fruit”

I have just finished,  or nearly so, my last marionette , that of the head of the Maize God ; rather uncomplicated really, all it has to do is ascend.

10505389_10203779570879330_6058090575455424152_n marionette of the Maize God.

I will need to take better images of the  marionette tableau when I am feeling better, but for now, have a happy feast day of blessed Jokonaan. 

john'shead copy

Kaleidoscope, opening soon

I’m delighted that some of my work has been selected for another show , right up the street  on La Brea, from where my painting Primavera is being shown at the Loft at Liz’s.

The gods are being generous for which I am grateful.

Kaleidoscope 9

DATES: July 12 – August 23, 2014
OPENING: Aritsts’ Opening Reception, Saturday, July 12, 6–8pm
GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm


  Couturier Gallery is please to present Kaleidoscope, a group exhibition combining emerging and established artists through a spectrum of disciplines. The show incorporates book art, ceramics, collage, paintings, printmaking and tape sculptures. The varied nature of the show creates complex connections between works that forge a rich mosaic of aesthetics, visual language and themes.  Artists include: Sandow Birk, Fausto Fernandez, Leonard Greco, Gronk, Judithe Hernandez, Noel Vargas Hernandez, John Hesketh, Jay Kvapil, Nancy Goodman Lawrence, DeLoss McGraw, Antonio Muniz, Connie Rohman, Frank Romero, Irwin Sanchez, Danny Scheible, Ana Serrano, Susan Sironi, Corey Stein, Leslie Love Stone, John Valadez and James Zver. Kaleidoscope runs from July 12 to August 23. Join us for the artists’ opening reception Saturday, July 12, 6-8pm.


For further information or images please contact me @ cg@couturiergallery.com.



one of the three masks selected,The Hero Triplets.

 J, the wonderful fellow who runs Couturie Gallery selected several prints and some masks I have been making. I will be exhibiting alongside Judithe Hernandez , who I  really admire, I feel very honored and intimidated.


 Resurrection of the Father

relief print on paper




relief print on paper


I need to drop the work off before my yoga class, so I better pack them up.

Until next time,

be well ,