In Solidarity

The world feels like it is burning up at the moment: planes being shot out of the air, broken bodies tumbling forth; beautiful children being denied safe passage by my own people; other beautiful children huddling in terror as bombs drop from the sky; friends who I love , on the other side, living with a sense of doom and dread and I imagine moral ambivalence.

  But what has particularly upset me of late is the terrible choice ancient Chaldean Christians have faced , convert or die by the sword. For all of my love of the blessed saints, I don’t want to see more made.  These ancient peoples forced from their ancestral homes, their sacred churches now  at the mercy of savage thugs (New York Times, source ) .

This print is for displaced ancestors of Christendom.


Agnus Dei II


relief print on paper

9 x 12 inches

This unfortunate state has become a bit of an obsession for me.  The heated rhetoric, is divisive and unhelpful , so much so my husband has asked me to stop speaking of the unpleasantness.  So I turn to other means of expression, one of the most accessible, relief print.  I am reworking my relief print Agnus Dei, this time with Gazan blood and Ukrainian fire. I need to rework a bit still ,a little too much  indiscriminate crimson  ;  but given the amount of spilt blood, tears and broken lives perhaps the excess drama is right on target.

 Pax vobiscum,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

4 thoughts on “In Solidarity”

  1. it is overwhelming, and the print is an excellent expression of all of it.

    i have been away, but didn’t want to miss your birthday!! it seems perhaps odd to leave words of cheer on this post, but i don’t want you to miss my hugs and hopes that you have a wonderful, lovely day!

    1. Much appreciated my friend, my sister Kat chided me for being too morose on my birthday. I wasn’t I promise!
      Happy you like it.
      David ordered my press and a sturdy bench to house it;so within a few days I should be up and running with my own home press!

      1. oh, that’s exciting!
        i read your comment on your puppets’ post at clive’s–your paintings are wondrous, i hope that you know that prints selling over paintings is, i am 100% sure, a distinction based on price-point. both are amazing! please continue both!

        i’m glad you celebrated well!

  2. An extraordinary print Leonard, I’m a bit in awe of how much power and emotion you manage to compress into one small image. I sometimes feel so impotent in The face of all the hatred, violence and cruelty going on, but how much better to channel one’s feelings into a piece of artwork like this!

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