A Little Color for Those Damned Souls

I have set upon myself multiple projects, all in varying stages of progress; in so doing I have neglected completing the simplest of them all, namely my last print. As we head out to Portland Thursday morning I thought it best to finish at least one project.

I have and I must say I am pleased .

The print from my last post, Las Ánimas del Purgatorio,  just became a lot more colorful.


Las Ánimas del Purgatorio (The Souls in Purgatory)


three block relief print on paper

9 by 12 inches

A few other examples:



This one is the proof from my last post, I just printed the orange plate over the existing black. I like how the orange ink muted the black , leaving crisp black where the plate wasn’t inked.

I must pack tomorrow, ready the house for the dog’s nanny, rush our aged cat Antigone to the kitty resort, pack, and steel my agoraphobic nerves for a trip to Portland. I doubt I will have much studio time before heading to LAX.

Until next time, be well, Lg


Sept. 16th, an update. I felt compelled to note that the above print was submitted in a contest to design a t-shirt for the Day of the Dead ;  my submission was rejected as being inappropriate to the spirit of the holiday.  Nonsense.

In the words of the spokesperson :

“We appreciate your entry, however, we cannot accept it as is because it is not in the wholesome, celebratory, light-heartened nature in which we have hosted this promotion.”

 I think she meant “light hearted” ; I called her a nincompoop.

My rejection letters are  stacking  up but a few are such doozies that I take certain pride in them: the one from the city of Encinitas for nudity and this one for un-wholesomeness. I wear the unwholesome label proudly.

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

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