Missing Tenochtitlan

We arrived home yesterday and my head is still spinning from our trip to Mexico City. I have been at the easel most of the day scrambling to put inspiration to canvas.

So much so my fingers hurt so I am taking a wee break and posting just a few of the many photos we have taken . I will post more, in a more thematic sequence but for now…

P1000321With Chalchiuhtlicue @National Museum of Anthropology- a wonder of a place.


@ Templo Mayor


In Condesa where our B&B was, just  the loveliest neighborhood; chock-a-block with ArtDeco architecture, rivaling Miami Beach.


Try to guess who’s house I was at.


The spouse-man with one of the Voladores de Papantla performers; quite a spectacle.


The Voladores de Papantla performance is  supposed to be descended from a ritual to the  fearsome god Xipe Totec.


The primary reason for the trip, a pilgrimage To Where The Gods Were Born, Teotihuacan.


Atop the Temple of the Moon, we had just finished the Temple of the Sun so our disheveled appearance can perhaps be forgiven.

It was glorious, at the summit of the Sun pyramid butterflies had amassed as if to welcome pilgrims; a good day indeed.


Frankly just a vanity shot, usually I look  goofy as hell but this isn’t too bad.

At Coyoacán, possibly one of the most gracious tourist spots around.

I’m going to head back to my painting, but I will test patience by more updates once I have settled in.

Take care and be well,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

8 thoughts on “Missing Tenochtitlan”

  1. I am so thrilled for you guys! And happy to say that, as you know, I (someone who has traveled very little) have actually been to some of these places so I can relate to the wonder of it all! Congrats and welcome home!

    1. I know that Thom, that’s one of the reasons I love you, your sincere joy in the happiness of others. So many moments I was thinking of you, when the butterflies met us at the summit of the Sun most especially.

  2. Great photos Leonard! My daughter has been to Mexico City several times and I swear one of these years I will accompany her. I saw a Kahlo exhibit in Germany in the ’90s and the blue house will be high on my list. BTW, your new home is lovely, congratulations! I was sorry to read about your sister, I wish her healing and peace. Take care, keep painting!!


    1. Thanks Diane, for all of your kind words and good wishes for my sister.
      You really must go to Mexico City, they love art, it is everywhere; inspiration and encouragement at every turn. Overwhelming in so many senses, the churches, the indigenous art, the gaudy altar displays, the frothy dresses in shop windows, the museums-seemingly countless. I was dazzled and delighted.
      Casa Azul wasn’t high on my list-too touristy I snobbishly thought. What an ass I would have been if I hadn’t gone. Again, truly inspirational, they, she and Diego ( a great artist) lived with such taste, unpretentious yet magnificent. Obviously I am now a Kahlo Convert 🙂

  3. the blue house!!!
    i love that statue/fountain, the woman, fantastic!! and all these amazing views, and the story of the butterflies….i am so jealous and *absolutely* holding my breath for any news/images of varo and carrington, turning just as blue as that house…..

    1. Dear Zoe,
      I feel badly but sadly sec couldn’t track down either Varos or Carrington. Varo’s work was on loan, and Carrington we had hoped to see in Chapultepec park, but we wandered and wandered and just no luck. Next time, which hopefully will be soon, we will be better prepared.

  4. Fantastic! We went to Mexico 2 years ago, one week in Mexico City (Condesa too!) and one in Oaxaca. I worried we’d weighted it in favour of the city but as it turned out we could have spent the whole two weeks there – so much to see and such a wonderful city. It’s top of our places we’d love to visit again.

    1. I remember you mentioned that. It is a grand place, so much so perhaps we will settle there. Condessa is such a livable neighborhood.I am also eager to check out Puebla in addition to Oaxaca.

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