From the Dreamscape to the Notebook

Try as I may I can not escape unpleasant realities for they always pop up in my dreamworld ( which tends to be  an extremely rich, if not a disturbing place).

i have a younger sister who I love dearly, this sister has suffered from mental illness since her teenage years. Life has not been kind to my sister, she suffers the pain of her illness and tremendous self doubt. Once again she has checked herself into the hospital; as she pointed out to me , she has lived with mental illness for 27 years. Understandably she sounded desperate and overwrought, and although usually tremendously resilient , this time I had terrible fears.

So much so they entered my dreamworld.

In this dream my sister ask me to illustrate her situation, she directs a small painting: it is dark, stormy and insufferable, she is on a large terrible thorny tree, fighting against the storm and gravity. The tree is festooned with acorn caps (not an acorn -Lifeforce-  Are there 27 acorn caps ?

One for each lost year?

In this dream she asks me to include a small acorn bursting forth as a seedling . In this detail I hold optimism that my sister will be alright.

Hoping that faith is well founded.

The following are some of the sketches I made today:



Wishing my sister strength.

Until next time, take care and be well,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

14 thoughts on “From the Dreamscape to the Notebook”

  1. So many creative ideas, I find, come through the medium of dreams. We should be alert to them, and what they tell us. So many of the solutions I’ve needed in life, have come to me in sleep, or on the borderlands of it.

    I hope that your sister finds some peace and clarity from her safe place. My thoughts go with you both.

  2. Sending all the good thoughts and wishes I can muster to your sister.
    I’m hoping that your dreams tonight can bring some more hope and healing. That one acorn is pretty significant–do you know Julian of Norwich’s meditation on the hazelnut? I’ll send it to you.
    Julian says: All will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well.

    1. Dear Claire,
      I look forward to that. With my sister one never knows, its been a long struggle, but I agree the single(sprouting) acorn seemed significant, and optimistic.

  3. Sorry to hear your sister has been suffering, wishing her all the very best, and health and happiness. The image you created there is magical, it reminds me of some of Blake’s engravings, it has the same timeless visionary quality, and it’s origins int he dream world shines through

    1. Thank you Phil for your kind wishes and for the compliment. Blake is my hero and although I do not consciously try to channel him he always influences my work, particularly when dealing with the realm of dreams. He was simply the master pif the dreamscape .
      Take care,

    1. Thank you dear Zoe,Most likely my sister will never see this image. My family isn’t too keen on checking in on my work, but having your validation is reward enough. We are kindred spirits which from my perspective counts as much if not more than blood. Speaking of blood, off to Tenachtitlan this evening!

      1. as for family keenness, i think it was bukowski (among a million others, i’m sure) who said that if your folks like what you’re doing, you’re screwing up 😀

      2. I appreciate that, sometimes my feelings are hurt by my family’s disinterest , but perhaps you (and Bukowski) are correct. Thanks for being so supportive.

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