Samhain Revisited



Colored pencil on toned paper
18 by 24 inches

I last posted what I had then thought to be a finished drawing, one I was pleased with in many ways but still  had a persistent nagging sense of dissatisfaction concerning its resolution. But given other studio obligations I decided to put is aside and move forward.

However, a dear friend and accomplished artist in her own right would have none of that. In a private message she let me know in no uncertain terms what specifically was lacking, the email contained a red-inked copy of the offending drawing .

Suggestive red ink

I confess I was taken aback by this unsolicited critique, but given my respect for her, for her academic training and for her own admirable work, I put aside my embarrassment and instead picked up the pencil once again. I now believe the drawing to be complete…unless I receive another private message (smiley face).

Colored pencil on toned paper
18 by 24 inches

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Samhain Revisited”

  1. I think that was such a humbled and wise decision. Such a lovely piece and even more accomplished at the later stage . Either stage is beautiful to me.
    I too have an accomplished artist friend and teacher and former dean at a well respected University, who gives me honest feedback when I humble myself enough to bring her a piece to look upon. She is quite detailed in her critiques. You too have given me valuable feedback and so appreciated. We can go forward with more light and gratitude in our journey when we hold each other’s hands and walk together.
    With much love and appreciation for you and your work,
    Jodi Bonassi

    1. I appreciate that . And yes friendly critique , even when challenging is desired . I must confess however I was taken aback by it not being requested ; it came out of the blue . But the universe is wise and I try to bend to its will. Looking forward to a teatime at my studio if you are up to it . I’ll stitch , you draw or paint and we can be serenaded by pug snores 🖤

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