The Objects We Carry

I recently had the good fortune to purchase a memento from my distant past , a drawing of a living room long since shuttered . My dear friend Marge Miccio is a talented artist working primarily in pastels . One of her great gifts is interior portraiture . Generally without human figures ( in my case my dear pup Gizmo can be seen perched on a cushion as was his want ) but her unpopulated rooms speak volumes . I’m delighted that Marge discovered this drawing made back in 1994 . She calls it “The Plaid Sofa”.

I call it wonderful.

To get a sense of her keen eye , here is a photo taken before I left the house, Trenton ,the city I had called home, in fact, my previous life . A new chapter was to unfold but Marge preserved a memory .
I purchased this little rowhouse when I was so very young , flush with new romance for my first love Douglas . We pooled are resources and bought the house for $5000.00!
It was a romantic shambles , but through the years it became home . We purchased other houses  , but when the love we had could no longer sustain us , this little gem became my own .

It wasn’t to last. I was to move forward , a move to Philadelphia where I would meet David and embark upon this adventure I now find myself .

But then , in 1994, months before I packed it all away , this was home. Happiness is having a lovely framed reflection of a life passed.

Now, with the drawing freshly hung in my newly painted apple green living room, my pug Viola occupies the same corner of a different sofa , as her predecessor Gizmo.

Some things do not change .

 Another thing that hadn’t changed is my love of gardening, these rather poor quality images , were taken late summer 1994.
And now another garden beckons …

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

6 thoughts on “The Objects We Carry”

    1. Thank you friend. The gardens are beginning to come into shape after the last two years . They are pleasant diversion.

  1. I haven’t commented in awhile…hello again! I am commenting now because I really loved this post. Your friend was truly talented, it is lovely that you have the pastel painting again, and a reiteration, in another time and place, of what it captures, both literally and spiritually. So glad also to hear you love gardening! I do too. I retired in May “to make art full-time” but instead have spent most of my time since then in my garden(s). Enjoy your blog very much, and your very special artwork. Keep up the good work!

    Diane Keane

    1. It is a lovely piece and given its personal , very treasured.
      I generally avoid the gardens , so time consuming , sucking away studio time , but in an attempt for balance I’ve become more involved in their making .
      Now that August closes I’m returning to the studio … this morning .
      I mentioned it on your site , but happy to see Phipps , we visited last spring but didn’t make it inside . Lovelier and grander than ever .

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