Click, Shoot, Exit

I’ve spent the weekend manning  a wall at a local art walk . A first for me . I generally do not attend art fairs , usually attending museum and gallery exhibitions. 

The decision is a pragmatic one , with so many openings , it is really just a matter of time management. So I’m unfamiliar with art fair culture , its norms and practices .

 As the art walk winds down I’ve come to the conclusion that many art fair attendees come for the booze , folks enjoy drinking beer whilst perusing the open studios . Perhaps the only thing they enjoy more than warm brew is snapping at images of artwork and hastily retreating to the next experience.

This isn’t an unfamiliar sight , particularly at museums; I’m afraid to say I’ve done it myself . But when it is your own work , you ache to inquire their motives for snapping away , seemingly in a random superficial way . It seems a peculiar form of ownership , ownership of experiencing a work without commitment.

 I understand that , like I said I snap away with great abandon . Often accruing too many images with little to no  engagement , frequently it’s an impoverished experience.

That said , my “Adam” has been quite the hit . An ideal selfie prop for giggling young women and buff young fellows . It’s odd for me to see my work as a naughty joke , but “Adam” was created in a playful spirit , for him to be recieved that way , seems appropriate. Plus , he doesn’t seem to mind . 

Now I need to take it all down .

Good night , I’m pooped .

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Click, Shoot, Exit”

  1. I encourage folks to shoot my work, but with the caveat that they put my name on the photo when they post it anywhere. This gives me the opportunity to give them my card, and ask what they found interesting about that particular piece. Sometimes this opens up conversations. I think art walkers are often intimidated by talking to the artists- they don’t want to be “sold to”, or they don’t want to feel ignorant about art. But whenever I have asked that they share my name, and given them my card, I have always gotten very positive responses, almost relief, that they can talk for a minute about a piece they like with an un-stuck-up artist. Love all your new work, btw.

    1. That’s a suggestion I will employ. Uncharted water this weekend , trying not to take indifference personally was about as much as I could accomplish.
      Thank you , several times over.


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