Of Ressurection and Hope

As Easter begins here in Los Angeles, and my neighbors fuss with their delicious tamales , the steam of the maize wafting about as powerfully as frankincense, I’m struck once again by the similarities between the Quiche Maya narrative and that of my own familiar Christian narrative . That similarity being the brutal sacrifice of an innocent , his Ressurection and our redemption. 

In the Popol Vuh narrative the maize god Hunahpu’s sacrifice allows for us to be born. For our flesh is His, that of maize. As the Easter Eucharist is joyously raised aloft this morning I wonder if it ought to be made of corn.

May this Resurrection  Day, be it Christian or so called pagan, be glorious!🌽🌽🌽

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

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