My Insignificance is Magnificent

It has been a  rough week for my ego, starting on Monday with the withering appraisal of some gym bunnies . I was washing up after my work out and I could just feel their chilly disdain for this goofy, ill-dressed, scrawny, not very fit fellow. I felt ridiculously ashamed and wanted to rush out; but instead , this phrase popped into my head, “my insignificance is magnificent”. So I went back to my dainty, silly bicep curls, finished my work out and then proceeded to the studio to work on this little painting. In between  painting, school and life, I felt buffeted by life’s indifference: I received  several rejections for juried entries that I had hoped to be included in, frankly a   benign snarky comment at school that stung nonetheless and the usual  brutal election year antagonism on FB …that and just recognizing my own limitations artistically which is humbling.  But instead of sinking into my usual depressive funk I instead went to work on this painting. Perhaps it isn’t particularly good  but the mantra “my insignificance is magnificent ” was helpful. 

And that matters.

greco my insignificance is magnificent 20216

My Insignificance is Magnificent


gouache on paper

22 by 15″

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

4 thoughts on “My Insignificance is Magnificent”

    1. Thank you my friend, I’ve since just avoided them , it isn’t a very nice place. Funny how West Hollywood has a reputation for superficiality yet I had many sweet friends there, including gym bunnies; here, in the “real” part of town , I’ve encountered some real mean spiritedness and ibsularity. Working on not taking it personally but that is tough .
      Xo to you Thom

  1. Just ignore the unartistic whelps you encounter..your paintings are ORIGINAL…I have seen many museums all over the world and your characters as I have said before are UNIQUE…..and yes…who can paint these ‘illustrations??!!!…they are works of art and beautifully conceived as such…I love the inspiration that ;you bring forth in ALL your work… never stops being critical your own work…it is what the great artists do….I know I can do better”’quote quote…..I am sure Raphael thot this on one of his Madonnas, but not the public…they are in rapture….Paint, paint and ignore the mindless…..ciaol, DK

    1. Thank you Dan, I’m very happy to hear from you , and thank you for even the slightest comparison to Rapheal!
      David and I were exploring Mt Washington the other weekend and stumbled upon Museum Dr and I of course thought of you
      Really hoping we can arrange a time to get together , lunch , dinner…
      My cell is 310-498-0817
      Until then , enjoy this lovely Sunday!

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