Back to the Marionette Bench

My last marionette was less than a stellar success; handsome fellow(s) but aside from a savasana pose, it proved to be a  cumbersome puppets. For starters it is too large for my need, over 20 inches and too heavy. When I cobbled the puppet together I did not research construction as well as I ought to have, nor did I really plan. I am a planner with my art, I love that process, I love the road map it provides. So my second time around I gave serious thought to the marionettes actual size and construction. I finished with the foundation of the figures last evening, there are now two actual Hero Twins, and I am pleased with them. They are going to be dashing-and sexy- fellows. Here they are fresh from my oven, awaiting color and stringing.


 Hero Twin marionettes


Sculpey medium, aluminum foil, wire, steel wool, eye hooks

My more careful planning paid off, they are nearly the exact proportion and size as my conceptual drawing.


So onward, painting, stringing and more marionettes. My friend Gina, hailing from a puppeteering clan, popped over today and gave valuable advice AND demos. Nothing like a master of a craft to inspire, as I said before,puppeteering is tricky business. Thanks Gina!

Signing off, be well, LG

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Marionette Bench”

  1. the feet/sandals are awesome 😀 so i am curious to see them moving–obviously, no longer two-headed, and the heads are fixed, but otherwise it’s difficult to see what will be different about the motion. although, i understand what you’re saying about unwieldiness — i’m curious what sized head you went with? i’m uncertain of the perfect balance between being able to paint mine as i like and him not being bigger than i am 😀
    on the other hand, i am using part wood, part other stuff, so i guess weight will be different. i need to shut my brain up and start using my hands, haha 😀

    fabulous puppets!!

    1. Hi Zoe,
      I confess I was thinking of you when I was fashioning the sandals- we both have an attraction to elaborate footwear apparently.
      So yes, I made a few decisions to simplify the puppet , first a fixed head, secondly two figures , which was an option I had considered before the blue figure.I’m much happier. The heads in the first marionette were, according to tradition , larger than anatomically accurate; but my new figures actually have smaller heads than correct. I draw them that way and want to explore the muscle bound qualities of the Twins, in the back of my mind i think i am referencing the identical twin “Cousins” from Breaking Bad.
      My friend Gina popped over to help me out and she is a master puppeteer and with tremendous ease was able to make marionettes move about in the most amazing fashion;I’m all thumbs so I am simplifying construction to a string at the head, at the hands and at the feet. Gina insists I add at least one to the back to avoid sway. I suggest you make an actual plan of the puppets size; they grow magically as you are making them. At least that is my experience. I’ve been painting the fellows and I have to say I really like them.
      And yeah, i have to shut my brain up and well and trust my instincts. Good luck friend, post progress, be well, Lg

  2. We’ll done Leonard, they’re looking fine already, what a pair! The modelling on the hands, feet and head is terrific and you’ve prompted me to get a move on with my puppet!

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