Sophia, the Apotheosis of…

I have been reading several books concerning gnosticism, schisms and the early church fathers. Most are academic but piece of fiction has been a great pleasure,Flaubert’s monumental The Temptation of St. Anthony. The edition I have has a very handy glossary which has made this mad jumble of opinion/characters/branches somewhat manageable.

That said I do not suggest that I understand fully all the various manifestation of gnosis. But one manifestation of the Supreme One, the aeon Sophia (wisdom) is of particular interest. My understanding is that she is the mother of Zoe (life) who brought light to Adam who apparently lacked a spiritual spark. I’ve attempted to depict that seminal moment in my painting Gnosis…and the Old Gods Were Pleased.  Link to that painting: HERE

This painting is an icon of the blessed Sophia, mother of wisdom and truth.

I like the idea of focusing upon being an icon painter to the Old Gods.

IMG_4854Sophia, the Apotheosis of…


oil on panel

18 by 24 inches

My interest in gnosticism was sparked by a BBC-In Our Time podcast; I had skimmed over some Elaine Pagels books off and on, but this short podcast brought clarity to a perplexing and fascinating subject. I’m addicted to the In Our Time series,  it has become a constant studio companion. If interested you should listen to the following link HERE.

A bit of good news fell in my direction this week, on my way to yoga I popped into a gallery with some wonderful paintings, work that I really related to on a visceral level. Chatting with the proprietor of the gallery was very pleasant and informative, I exchanged cards which I feared presumptuous. But happily he emailed me the next day to schedule a studio visit. That was quite exhilarating and the wonderful news is that  he would like to include me in some upcoming shows he has planned.

The Old Gods must be pleased with my icons to bestow such good tidings.



eye in hand



Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Sophia, the Apotheosis of…”

    1. thought you might, a play upon the great mosaic skulls,a pretty one at LACMA is a must see. xoLg

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