Tzimmes and the Maize God

Chanukah begins this evening and tomorrow is Thanksgiving .

As I prepare for tomorrow’s feast, our  first “official” dinner party since  moving back to LA I am feeling particularly grateful for the diverse influences that have shaped the person I am today. My first partner Douglas and his lovely family were German Jews, from them I was exposed to the joys of Jewish culture , including Chanukah.  Tzimmes ( a tasty treat loosely translated from the Yiddish  as a “big mess/deal/fuss”of stewed sweet potatoes, carrots and prunes) was always on the  Chanukah table this time of year and my own pot of  this aromatic stew bubbles away.

I am also  in the thick of preparing the centerpiece. Given that it is Thanksgiving , I am honoring our indigenous ancestors with prayer candles to the Maize God, Hun Hunuhpu. Thus far 10, and counting…

Without my relatively recent exposure to this rich culture through a marvelous professor ( who I now consider a friend), my infatuation with all things Meso may never have been. For that I am also grateful.


Like little soldiers, my Maize God prayer candles stand at attention waiting for their place on tomorrow’s banquet table. St Stephen, first Christian martyr leads the troops.

The diablo  vase was from a ceramic class I had taken a few semester’s back. I may very well be the WORST ceramicist ever, but surprise, surprise, I like decorating vessels.  This, I decorated post firing with oil colors, won’t last forever, but at least until I croak!

IMG_3889I’m thinking of marketing these candles, not just Maize God but a variety of Meso deities , plus other saints, Christian and otherwise, sacred and secular. What seems a fair price? Not looking for extravagant profit but  a reasonable price-thus far the candles themselves are a little under two bucks. Feedback very  welcome.

Well happy Chanukah, happy Thanksgiving,

be well, be safe,

until next time,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

14 thoughts on “Tzimmes and the Maize God”

  1. Oh the Maize god prayer candles are FAB, I want some, I want some. Definitely marketable; over here, in the right shop, you could sell them for quite a few pounds, shame we’re so far away, I’d take a few off your hands!

    1. Happy you like them, send me your address and I will pop a few labels in the post- sans candles of course 🙂

      1. Hey Leonard, thank you so much, I’d love one of those, actually I’d like to make up a candle as a present for my partner, he’d really love it I know. My address is: 461 Heligan House, Water Garden Square, London SE16 6RJ. Let me have your address too so I can send you something x

      2. Dear Phil, please pardon my terrible delay in responding. I’m going to put the labels in the mail soon, just wrapping up printing and letting them cure. Hope your holiday season is jolly .

      3. Hey Leonard, no worries, no rush at all, I’m just really touched by your thought of sending me those wonderful things, so looking forward to seeing them in the flesh x

      4. Hey Phil,I popped it in the mail yesterday, let me know if it arrives. As it is the holiday crush, and this being LA/BeverlyHills everything is crazy so I went to a private post office. Probably being paranoid but I trust my government over private enterprise-makes me a strange bird in the States :).
        Feliz navidad!

      5. Thank you so much Leonard, look forward to it arriving and I’ll post pics when I’ve pasted it onto some candles here in London and Berlin. Have the best Christmas mate 😉

      6. Hi Leonard, well, just flew back to London from Berlin through a pretty dramatic storm and crawled home through the tortuous British public transport system to find – your fabulous prints in my post box 🙂 I’m thrilled to bits, what a lovely gift. The real things are even more striking than the images I saw online, and the peace angel card had pride of place on the sideboard because it’s easily the most beautiful card I’ve received this year – that paper you’ve printed on sets it off perfectly. Thank you my friend , feliz navidad and all the very best for 2014 x

      7. Happy you made it home in one piece, happy my card arrived to greet you.
        Thrilled someone with such discerning taste enjoys it.
        Be well and Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

  2. oh how *awesome!!* these are fantastic, you should be able to sell them with hats off–i am no help on pricing, apologies, but maybe there’s a market nearby for comparison? and i disagree, that vase is fantastic, i would LOVE to have that on my dinner table.

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