The Perfect Man, birthday greetings

Today is my husband’s birthday , he is quite frankly an amazing man- too bad we are many miles apart at the moment. But seemingly, to compensate for that fact, not one but three Perfect Men arrived in my mailbox. Three perfectly constructed, anatomically ( although rather neutered), little grey plastic men. 


Although diminutive in scale, they are gorgeous in their detail. They are three anatomical models my thoughtful and often extravagant husband purchased as part of my Christmas present. They have just arrived and I am tickled by their beauty. This flayed mannequin has the most beautiful glass eyes.




the skeletal mannequin


the flayed mannequin


the flesh and blood mannequin, although with a Barbie “package”

I am tickled by my gift , typically thoughtful of David, investing in my painting career with the proper tools. They now stand at attention in my studio.



My beautiful skeleton reminds me of my recent trip to LACMA. Although we have been going to the museum for years I have never visited the Pacific Oceanic collection, my loss. One of the most delightful and strange objects, in a gallery full of many wonderful oddities, was this Skull Rack. I was struck by the whimsy of the fellow which contrasted sharply with the dangly skulls. I was of course delighted.


Skull Rack (agiba)

Papua New Guinea

c. 1925


Detail of some of the skulls, I love the prosthetic noses, the eye plugs; I am definitely using these in some upcoming project.

This is certainly a disjointed post , but I want to wish David a very happy birthday, i am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow evening. until that time I will end with the THE  Perfect  Man ( as a boy) in a box.

davidinbox copy

Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Man, birthday greetings”

    1. I’m tickled by them, I think they will prove to be wonderful tools-plus they are so pretty, particularly the skeleton, so perfect, so small.

  1. An interesting post, Leonard. A few observations and/or comments: Doesn’t everyone have a rack for their skull collection? Why did the models (are perfect as they are) have to be gray? Is The Perfect Boy’s box a space ship or a car? (so cute…..and note the surrealistic paintings on the wall… surprise he met up with you:) and lastly: Please, PLEASE get a new shade that fits that Blackamoor lamp! He’s positively humiliated by wearing that tiny top hat on his head!! Oh, and Happy Birthday wishes to your “better half”!

  2. An orderly collection is the best solution to any mania.
    I rather like the grey, it is my favorite (non)color, but yeah something dynamic would have been very jolly.
    My blackamoor is thrilled you have taken up his cause, he has been griping for years. I am a lousy decorator when it comes to the small stuff . In my defense it is a studio!
    will forward your greetings, and as always happy to hear from you.

  3. The cricket box/Barbie package must be a bit of a disappointment, but then there’s that snake coming towards him so perhaps he wouldn’t want to feel too exposed… I like the grey too; I think it needs to be a mid-tone really to show the forms clearly, and any kind of ‘flesh’ tone wouldn’t be right, and wackier colours would be distracting.

    Small David is indeed adorable; it must be a spaceship because it’s got the planets all round the outside!

    Happy birthday to him!

    1. I agree I like the grey as well, i was using the eunuch mannequin yesterday and the shadows cast upon the grey against a white wall were distinct and beautiful.
      Flesh tone? Crayola made a stab at that years ago and that was a disappointment. And which variety?, my Italian flesh, rosy Anglican, pretty African, warm Mayan?so many options, sticking to grey seems wise;but Martian green might have been fun.
      David was a very pretty child, souther California optimism shines through in that polaroid, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a rocket-ship.
      Take care, LG

  4. Great to see a new post here Leonard. I’d been wondering where you were.

    I am so impressed by your anatomical models (well done David) though myself would never rest until I’d surgically removed the ludicrously coy ‘Ken’ package, and artfully attached an anatomically detailed cock and balls, an ‘intervention’ that would render him perfect. (I’ve got quite good at such restorations over the years, having taught myself how to repair broken china so that it appears perfect to the naked eye.) The C + B project would take meticulous modelling, attachment, colouring and blending, but he would look so much less… how can I describe it… airbrushed out. Of course you’d have to be careful not to over endow him. No Tom of Finland exaggerations!

    I too think the neutral grey is perfect, showing as it does the modelling to advantage. I’ve left my Visible Man… acquired a couple of years ago… in his natural state. Paint would spoil him.

    David-in-a-box is as cute as it gets, though the image needs a caption reading ‘Remember, a child is not just for Christmas!’

    And yes, get that blackamoor re-shaded right now!

    1. Hello there, I’ve taken a bit of a break from posting, mostly due to the fact I am working on a large painting and progress has been, from my perspective slow and incremental ; I wouldn’t want to impose upon friends the torture of watching paint dry (:
      Funny how folks who visit my little journal easily understand my chuckle at Eunuch Barbie yet my prudish mother-in-law was deeply offended by his flagrant nudity. So much so, that when i left him on the living room piano 9for a moment) she turned him around butt side. Apparently a tush is preferable to C&B no matter how neutered. Will need pointers in reconstruction, so easy to go astray and over endow -funny one rarely under endows. I remember years ago a certain doll marketed to gay men, Gay Bob or some such silliness, he had the most enormous (an embarrassing ) equipment- would want to avoid that .
      As I mentioned, David was (and is) a pretty boy (man); his mother was lucky, so am I.
      I am chastened about the lampshade, I thought, apparently mistakenly, that one could ignore decorating standards in a studio. Guess not.
      take care my friend, i love the puppet making,

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