Final Christmas Tidbits for Gracie

I am about to send out my niece’s holiday package, obviously it will be ridiculously late, a pattern she better accustom herself to.

As my last post made clear I am trying to refrain from purchasing  many gifts.  In addition to the previously mentioned hand-puppets I have been busy making book-plates. Clive was the inspiration , I wonder if he was aware of my cursing as I hand pressed each and every damned bookplate. I ought to have Popeye’s arms when I am finished.

 A sampling of the bookplates so far:

Athenian bookplates for Gracie
Athenian bookplates for Gracie

Grace is stuck with a theme this holiday, the theme being the grey eyed Athena, her bookplate is an illustration of the divine one. My intention wasn’t for such a severe plate, my initial drawing was slightly softer, but the cutting went where it went. Personally I like the plate, not sure what my disney- princess- loving niece will think.  She will have to grow into it.

Grace will also receive my athena print, I’ve posted this before but not in its shiny pink frame. I know Grace will like the frame at least.

athena in the pink
athena in the pink

The back of the print has a prayer to the grey eyed one. The printmaking technique is rainbow roll, something I do  not particularly care for but it might please my dazzle-eyed niece.

prayer card to athena
prayer card to athena

I did purchase a few books for Grace, I was particularly happy with the book on Athena  I found at the wonderful Getty villa in Malibu. I’m hoping I can successfully convert the girl to classicism ; the Getty would be the perfect place (in the States anyway) to introduce her to the wonders of Greece and Rome.

holiday books for Grace.
holiday books for Grace.

I stumbled upon some blank puzzles, which are a lot of fun to paint. I picked a goat as it seemed suitably Greco-Roman, plus they are terribly cute.

billy goat gruff
billy goat gruff

Into the package  I  have thrown in a little something for my sister and my brother-in-law.  Gregory is a pious man, so I thought my recent relief print of St. Benedict of Palermo might be suitable.  I hope so.

St.Benedict of Palermo
St.Benedict of Palermo

Putting this package together, I realized I have not actually seen or held my niece since 2008. My sister Kat and Grace flew out for our wedding and we were able to see what a delightful child she was. She has certainly grown and I have missed many chances to see her develop. I’m hoping this package can be a  way of fostering an intimacy from such a great distance as it is difficult for a great many reasons for me to fly out and see her personally.

Grace and her uncle2008
Grace and her uncle


I am now eager to get back to painting, I have a few more bookplates to make. One for my niece-to- be Lulu, her mother went into labor this morning! Such excitement . Plus one plate for dear friends, but after that I need paint under my nails. 

Wishing all holiday cheer,

until next time,

take care,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

14 thoughts on “Final Christmas Tidbits for Gracie”

  1. oh, congratulations on the new niece 🙂
    they are very lucky nieces, indeed! athena is a great one to have at hand 😀 these are wonderful, wonderful, and more wonderful. i’m jealous, and am ready to hire you as uncle?
    happy holidays!!!

  2. Oh my, I think they will be overwhelmed with the loveliness of that package! Even just looking at photos of it, the unending cornucopic splendor of it was quite stunning… it seemed I would never stop scrolling down, that the post with photos of beautiful handmade gifts would continue on and on… And those prints are great. Worth the sore arms I think!

    1. With pleasure, just call me Uncle(:
      As per Popeye arms, I said I should have them from the effort, alas scrawny as ever.

  3. Leonard the Universal Uncle! That is such a great picture among the pink flowers, you are a very gorgeous fellow!

    She may find some of your gifts unusual, and as you say, need to grow into them, but the fact that her artist uncle made them will immediately give them substance and bring her joy, and I’d bet that the arrival of that package is something she’ll remember forever, and that she’ll ultimately treasure its contents when all the pink princess froth has long been lost to memory.

    1. You are kind, it was a good day, the flowers were lovely, I was getting married the next day, my beloved sister was with me with her precious daughter- i was happy and it showed.
      I think you are right about Gracie, although I am heartened because she asked my sister Kat what I was sending her and she stated she was hoping I was making her something. She is a deeply creative child, she might remain untouched by crass materialism , I’m hoping so. I love your reference to “pink princess froth”, very clever.
      Have a very happy holiday and thank you for your support.

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