Memory of a Night Terror

The other evening, more truthfully morning, I had one of those bone chilling nightmares that if they were not so horrifying ,would be exhilarating . I generally have vivid dreams, and I maintain a lackadaisical dream journal. But this dream,occurring  in the wee hours of Monday morning , shook me awake with a scream;shaking, I swiftly found a piece of paper to record the awful experience.

Upon awaking the next morning I was determined to record the wretched scene as a watercolor  ( a medium that seems well suited to dreamscapes, just ask Blake).

The note may seem incoherent but it is what guided me through the painting:

A woman has been killing little boys in their sleep, attempts had been made on my own life as well.

It became apparent the old crone ( a recurrent character) was the Mother and she was killing the boys.

I went to bed reciting “Father watch after me” over and over.

She entered nonetheless and I kept repeating over and over but I was silenced.

Vultures had landed all over my bed.

She was some Egyptian goddess of death, God was the father.

Night Terror

 My prayers were for naught. My belief that the Lord would watch over me was for naught.

I woke with a scream that scared the dogs.

 In my notes the vultures were specifically identified as Egyptian in style, I vividly remember their shadowy forms.

detail of vultures, Night Terror

The terror of being unable to speak or prayer was the most horrible aspect of the dream.


It is when I have dreams like this that I wish the beloved was Jungian and not  Klienian.

With this cheery post I depart.

Wishing all vivid dreams.


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

9 thoughts on “Memory of a Night Terror”

    1. Thanks, I haven’t really stepped back to judge it yet, a fever to finish now I will try to look at it with fresh eyes.
      Hope all is well, hope you have had time to putter in the garden.
      Any new photographs?

  1. wow…so, what did you decide? what is that…while you’re not paying attention (asleep), ideas/hopes/projects (little boys thus being ‘babies,’ of a sort) are swept away? or…you’re afraid they will be if you’re not ever-vigilant…? or…the ideas and projects are put forth but are threatened with disempowerment? …or…nothing at all related to any of the above? 😀
    you and jodi, really– my dreams are so mundane and undrawable ! even the nightmares.
    powerful painting!

    1. Great analysis but I am afraid I haven’t spent much time trying to decipher the dream, just focused on portraying it. I like the disempowerment theory, that is a frequent personal struggle.
      I have difficulty imaging your dreams as dull, perhaps you repress the interesting ones (-:
      Thanks for the interpretations and the kind words.

  2. First the alphabet primer, then the finished painting above and now this too! I can’t imagine what beautiful thing I might come across as I get further down the page. How lovely to come back after a one while away and find such marvels have been made.
    But hold on, did you say you made that in the morning? And after a bad night’s sleep? What?

    1. Thank you, I’m sure you understand how encouragement brings such solace. I like this one, perhaps because it was such a troubling dream. It did mope rather swiftly, but not one morning , two days is more like it. I love watercolor more and more, so speedy, unlike oil.
      BTW, my dreams have been less awful, the husband bought a fancy new mattress , sleep has been deep and dull…

  3. It is pleasing how quickly watercolours can come along. And I know you mentioned Blake in your post, but I think even if you hadn’t this watercolour would have put me in mind of his work. It’s really lovely.

    I’m sure your sleep won’t stay boring forever… best to enjoy it while it lasts though!

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