Odd Owls

Last week I finished off with an abstracted owl taken almost line for line from original source material. This week I wanted to finish off the trio with original designs. I’m not altogether convinced they work-any of them. I may very well end up creating naturalistic owls, they are fantastic enough, peculiar little creatures. but I am happy I played about with the design. I favor the crimson and gold owl, my nod to the Spanish Baroque.

In addition to my funny little owls which may all be for naught, I have been crafting one of the main characters, the Maize God. He should be ready by tomorrow. I rather like him but when the photo popped up on I-photo he looked awkward, I’m going to need to do further revision. But for now my eyes are tired and my dogs restless, eager for me to retire.

Until next time,


Author: babylonbaroque

I am a painter and printmaker working towards creating a body of work that reflects my own developing aesthetic. New work ,first link. The second link is an on-line portfolio.

8 thoughts on “Odd Owls”

  1. Oh you are clever! The orange Baroque one reminds me a little of Alan Garner’s ‘The Owl Service’.

    What’s the collective noun for a whole lot of owls?

  2. I must google Garner’s “Service”, I am unfamiliar , thanks for the tip.
    Collective of odd owls from the Underworld?, I like coven :),
    Take care,

  3. Well I did the briefest of research, I was completely unaware of the book, the owls or the inspiration. Tickled that the “owl service” was designed by Dresser, I am huge fan of Dresser’s work, he is a great influence on my own designs. I am so pleased that was apparent, as unintentional as that may be. I must order the book.

    1. Alan Garner’s The Owl Service is set in Wales, and is based on the legend from the Mabinogion of the treacherous woman conjured from flowers, transformed for her sins into an owl. In Welsh Blodeuwedd is the name of the owl, and the name means ‘flower face’.

      You’ll just have to come here to find out more!


      1. Well Wales is certainly on my short list of must visit destinations , now even more reasons!

      2. VERY briefly looked up Mabinogion, looks like I have another very rich source after I have exhausted the Popol vuh . Thanks for the tip,

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