No Nudity in the City of Encinitas

I had submitted my painting Gnosis…and the Old Gods Were Pleased to a juried show celebrating women.

Last evening I received the nicest rejection notice.

Although the jurors “loved the piece” it was to excluded because “after a review by the city, they felt the nudity in the piece would not be appropriate for the venue”.

The fellow assigned to this unpleasant task could not have been more diplomatic or supportive, but I am a bit stunned. Really?

Nudity isn’t “appropriate”?

In 2014?

In southern California? This isn’t Selma.

I’m incredulous. I offered to paste on fig leaves, only half joking.

Anyway, my solution is to draw more junk.


detail of the the painting which follows.


Gnosis …and the Old Gods Were Pleased

oil on canvas


Disappointing, but oh well, that is what yoga is for.

Namaste (bitches),


Paradise Completed

When I last posted on this painting, link HERE I received many warm responses for which I am grateful. Last evening I finished the painting and I can  now, at last look at it clearly.

GRECO_GNOSIS_AND_OLD_GODS_PLEASEDGnosis…and the Old Gods Were Pleased


oil on canvas

48 by 24 inches

When I last posted my progress the painting was about 70 percent complete, I’ve since made a few changes.


Most of the changes have been made to the female character, who is not Eve ; she is in fact Zoe, daughter of Sophia, bearer of  light and wisdom (Gnosis), as Adam lacked the spiritual spark (the source of information  and inspiration for this painting was a BBC podcast  In Our Time, the topic of discussion being  the Gnostics , link HERE ).

I’m happy were her now, my inspiration was in many respects the Grey Eyed Athena and I captured what I wanted…pretty much.

Another, initial inspiration was the sculpture of “Eve in Temptation” by my favorite Giselbertus (1150); I strayed a bit but I know the spark.


My impetus to finish this painting was entry in a juried show at a local museum-an artist alliance exhibition. The following paintings have also been entered:


Resurrection of the Father


oil on canvas

50 by 40 inches


Temptation of St.Anthony of the Desert


oil on canvas

48 by 36 inches.

Wish me luck! I will post the results, good or bad news,

until that time,

be well, Lg

Progress in Paradise

It has been awhile since I have posted progress on my painting  And the Old Gods Were Pleased.   Frankly it is difficult for me to expose a painting that is less then complete.  But in the spirit of loosening my chains of restraint, here goes:

IMG_4514Detail   And the Old Gods Were Pleased

(essentially just the naughty bits)

And in the beginning, there was Sepia:


So I’m coming along.

I have two other paintings, about the same size that I am working on simultaneously . They are definitely experimental for me and I haven’t worked the nerve to show them yet.

I’m not at all sure if they are any good or just loopy.

Will have to wait and see I suppose.


Pardon the terrible glare, it is 7 pm here, sun long set and my studio lighting is quite harsh. I need to work on that but  I really haven’t a clue as to what is best.

Suggestions for lighting welcome.

Well  I  must walk the monsters, they have been patient for much of the day; it is a lovely drizzly evening here, quite the treat in LA.

Be well,


day II

I won’t bore folks with  literally watching paint dry, but the bright sunshine and happy temperament of our new place has provided inspiration to work. Yesterday was such a productive day , for that I am grateful.


“And the Old Gods Were Pleased” in progress

I won’t indulge in a studio play by play, but I’m  happy, at last, to experience some degree of contentment .

(Now I must secure a printmaking facility.)

The pets are as thrilled as their companion, difficult to make out but there is a wee little cat and chihuahua on the couch and the ever present studio pugs at its foot. All pleased as punch.


Until next time,


Back at the Easel

First day after a few weeks of happily fussing with our new home to be back at the easel; just the smell of the linseed oil brings me joy.

I have been working out a large and complex  composition and in so doing one of the details has caught my attention.I have decided to make this detail a painting in of itself.

In many ways I hesitate to start this  large canvas until after our upcoming trip to Mexico City and most especially  a pilgrimage to Teotihuacan.

Not surprisingly the  larger painting deals with a  struggle between the Old Gods and the New. Of particular inspiration is the Gnostic concept of the envious Demiurge Yaldebaoth (Yahwah) who wishes to curtail man’s access to the Tree of Knowledge. Part of my composition might or might not include a reference to this most familiar narrative, but in the mean time I was inspired to craft a painting from the sketch.

My interest in this subject is not in the tired misogynistic trope of downfall of Man at the hands of the willful Eve. Instead I want to depict that moment of knowledge as a celebration, of Eve, of Adam, of the poor maligned serpent, and the glee and blessings of the Old True Gods (depicted in the roots of my Axis Mundi). This interest may be part of my ongoing desire to free myself from the Judea-Christian nonsense that has haunted me since boyhood. Early on I thought it ridiculous that an All-Knowing Creator would wish to stingily hold onto his wisdom, leaving his creation naked, stupid and merely content to worship Him.

IMG_4190sketching in And the Old Gods Were Pleased

Part of the composition for the afore mentioned larger painting has involved some “character” studies:



The Axis Mundi



For now I am  happy to be painting, loosening up a bit, just happy to paint as I can and as I feel fit.

That might be the most difficult challenge of expression, being true.

Until next time, take care and be well,